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Ajay Devgn: There is no equation between Shahrukh Khan and Me

Ajay Devgnn who turns 43 on 2nd April is your quintessential Bollywood machismo symbol. He’s firmly ensconced in the Hindi cinema hierarchy — alongside the Khans — with a neat track record of some 100-crore hits and some piddly misses. This Son of Sardaar balances his cinematic choices, with mainstream masala (Himmatwala) and the sensitive (Satyagraha). And he will always speak his mind, no matter what the consequences are.

As per information, When Ajay was questioned about his equation with Shahrukh Khan, with whom his wife Kajol has done some finest work.The Actor was very relaxed and said “Personally, I have never had a fight with SRK. Kajol maintains her equations, I maintain mine. Professionally, he reminded me, through others, that he was also the producer of Jab Tak Hai Jaan. So, he was on the other side of the firing line. Hence, technically, my fight was also against him. He made no attempts to rectify the wrong they (Adi and he) did. I wasn’t going to give up what I believed in. That’s why there is no equation between SRK and me.I have stood for a principle. If anyone tries to suppress me or my family, or deny us our dues, I will pick up the cudgels. That will never change. As for people and equations within the industry, I will cross the bridge when I come to it”.

Ah! well that’s Ajay the Himmatwala for you.