BEHIND THE BLINDS: This heroine threw chai on her teammate after an argument

Image Source - Instagram

The little spoken about this pesky but extremely snooty Heroine, the better. When this actress debuted, everyone lauded her given that she was launched by a huge banner she was working with, as an associate. But who knew that they were creating a Frankenstein’s monster.

Over the years, this plump heroine who has been in news for her rumoured weight loss has shown people how sweet and nice one can be. But backstage, the story is completely different. She misbehaves with her teammates and her managers have completely given up hope.

Recently, she was at an event promoting her upcoming film, where she asked one of her teammates to get some work done. When she was told it’s done, she checked and flipped. The actress started screaming and shouting at her teammate who was oblivious as to what she was put through and why. When she tried putting her point in defence, this obnoxious arrogant starlet threw a cup of chai at her. Thank God, it wasn’t a cup of simmering tea, else it could have landed her in more trouble. Harassment, anyone?

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