Did Salman Khan take a dig at Rishi Kapoor after his misbehaviour with Seema Khan?

Once upon a time in Bollywood, Salman Khan was considered the bad boy- the one who would mess up with anyone and everyone. But eventually, the things changed and the actor had an image makeover and we got a new Salman. For years, the title of ‘Bad Guy’ was vacant, but someone from the industry was in a hurry to carry the same.

Any Guesses? I think we do not need the guessing game here. As everyone is aware of the fact that Rishi Kapoor has now embraced this title. Be it snapping out anyone on Twitter to shaming a woman, the actor has done it all. And guess what, he does not pay a heed to the ones who try to correct him. Some people never change.

Talking about a very recent case of Mr Kapoor’s temperament, the actor vented out his not-so needed anger on Salman Khan’s sister-in-law Seema Khan. This happened during Sonam-Anand’s grand reception, wherein Rishi was angry over the fact that Salman did not greet him properly. And instead of walking up to Salman and sorting it out, the veteran actor went to Khan’s sister-in-law to express his anger.  (Also ReadArrested gangster was planning to kill Salman Khan says Police)

By the time, Seema informed this to Salman Khan,  Sr Kapoor had left the venue. But someone had to make up for it,  and Neetu Singh apologised to Seema on behalf of her husband.  Now, If you are thinking that the matter is over, then you are mistaken.

During the recent promotions of ‘Race 3’, Salman Khan took a dig at Rishi Kapoor without mentioning his name. In an interview to DNA, the actor said, “I don’t have enemies. It’s just that I don’t like a few people. It’s very obvious because I make no bones about it. Just because someone is born a few years before me, it’s no reason for me to respect him. If that person keeps on disrespecting me or any member of my family, I refuse to give him due regard. There are one or two families from whom I have not got that respect and love. That’s where it ends. Some people from the industry will never be welcomed in my home.”

He went on to say, “I definitely believe that whether someone is a senior or a junior, you shouldn’t be disrespectful to them. Especially, if you are working with them. However, if that person is taking you for an idiot and is being disrespectful, then that’s not done.”

Now, let’s wait for Mr. Kapoor’s reply.