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I haven’t signed anyone: Gupta on ‘Sinhasan’

Manish Gupta, whose latest directorial “Rahasya” was appreciated by the audience, says he is yet to sign any actor for his next film titled ‘Sinhasan’

“My next film, ‘Sinhasan’ is based on emperor Aurangzeb’s conflict with his father Shah Jahan for the throne. I have adapted the story in a modern-day context and I have set it against the backdrop of politics in the corporate world.

“A film like ‘Sinhasan’ has never been made in India before,” Gupta, who has proved his worth as a writer with 2005 film “Sarkar”, told IANS.

Asked about the star cast of the film, he said: “I haven’t signed anyone as yet. And I can’t reveal the names on my wish list either as actors do not appreciate being named at a preliminary stage. When I officially sign the actors, I’ll make an announcement.”

He believes that the thin line between an actor and a star has blurred.

“Today, there are stars who are actors and actors who are stars. I can work with an actor who may not be a star. But I can’t work with a star who can’t act. Such stars may bring in substantial commercial success, but that’s not my motive behind making films,” he said.

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