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Karan Johar: Tougher to make short film

An accomplished filmmaker, Karan Johar says the short film genre is tougher when compared to a feature film.

Karan has been inducted into the Board of Trustees for the Mumbai Film Festival, organised by Mumbai Academy of Moving Image. The festival aims at promoting different kinds of cinema including short films, independent and commercial cinema along with international cinema.

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Talking about the scope of short films, he said: “I’ve seen short films internationally and nationally which have moved you to tears or made you laughing throughout. I deeply applaud these filmmakers as it’s far more difficult to make a short film than to make a full-length feature.”

About his own experience of directing one with “Ajeeb Daastan Hain Yeh”, which was part of the “Bombay Talkies” anthology, he said: “Being restricted by budget and timeline was hugely challenging for me. We were given Rs.1 crore for this film, and this gave me sleepless nights.”

“I didn’t sleep for those eight days as I didn’t know how to do it. I’m proud about the fact that I pulled it off in Rs.97 lakh.

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