Oh no! Deepika Padukone’s starry tantrums leave a fan disappointed

Deepika Padukone might be globe trotting now with international films, but looks like her attitude and body language has gone for a toss. No offence, but her recent outings with the media gave out a very different picture of hers.

So here’s some goss from tinsel town. Recently, she was shooting for this jewellery brand ad which she endorses. This time, the team has conceptualised the ad in a way that she plays an actress within the promo as well. The team got one of her fans (who’s a scientist by profession) flown in from US to share screen space with her. (Also read: Ranveer Singh to become Deepika Padukone’s neighbour?)

Informs a source present on the sets, “This scientist waited for hours before madam DP was ready for the shots. In the commercial, he plays her director. So once the shoot was on, he requested her for a picture and she politely told him to take the picture sometime later. Hours passed and it was time for the man to leave for the airport to catch his flight at 2 am. But he still lingered around and waited, expecting Deepika to call him in. But that didn’t happen.”

“Instead, the man missed his flight and not just that, when our Heroine finally came out of her van, and he requested her again, she literally screamed at him and walked away. ‘So what you missed the flight? Who asked you to wait?’ a rude Deepika brushed off, leaving her fan heartbroken,” the source further added.

The last we heard, the man and a few of the crew members immediately unfollowed her on social media. Not that DP would care, but we would just repeat the age old line – Arrogance won’t take you anywhere!