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Ravi Kishan : Leaked ‘Mohalla Assi’ trailer uncensored

The abuse-laden trailer of Sunny Deol starrer “Mohalla Assi“, which has attracted the ire of a Varanasi-based social organisation, is a leaked and uncensored version, says Ravi Kishan, who essays a key role in the movie.

At an event here, Ravi told mediapersons: “The trailer which has found its way on the internet is an uncensored video. I’m baffled how the trailer was stolen from the editing room and how it was splashed on the web. We had tried our best to keep it under wraps, but I don’t know what kind of thinking this offender has who is out to destroy cinema.”

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Regarding the much talked about scene where a character enacting lord Shiva is hurling expletives, Ravi said: “This scene would definitely not feature in the film as I myself am a staunch devotee of lord Shiva. You’ll get better clarity if you read Kashinath Singh’s Upanyas as to why such scenes were shot.”

The leaked trailer showcases several characters, including Sunny using abusive language, and contains explicit scenes involving sex and drugs.

An FIR has already been filed in Varanasi, against Sunny and the director.

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