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Does Rohit Shetty have no respect for Katrina Kaif’s character in ‘Sooryavanshi’? Tells her, “Nobody will notice you”

Image Source - Instagram

Rohit Shetty has been a thorough gentleman in his entire career. However, today is the first time we have seen him saying something, not derogatory, but borderline offensive about a female character in a movie. It all happened in a recent interview with Film Companion where the ace director spoke about an incident on sets of ‘Sooryavanshi’ where he told Katrina Kaif, “Nobody will notice you”.

The ace filmmaker has always made sure that all his female characters are of equal importance like the men. Whether it’s Deepika Padukone as Meenamma in ‘Chennai Express‘ or Kareena Kapoor as Daboo in ‘Golmaal 3’, Rohit Shetty has always treated his female characters with the utmost respect and given them their due credit. We wonder what happened during the shoot of ‘Sooryavanshi’.

Talking to Film Companion when Rohit Shetty was asked on which star he focuses on while looking at the monitor, he opens up genuinely about his filmmaking process. He says, “All three, obviously. You have to watch the take thrice. The scene with the blast has Katrina (Kaif) too. If you look closely, she is blinking (during it). After the fourth take, she came to me and asked: Can we take one more? And I said, ‘Katrina, I will tell you honestly, no one is going to look at you.’ She got so wild. She said, ‘how could you tell me this?’ and I said: Three guys are walking with blasts happening behind, nobody will notice you. And I kept that shot. In the promo, she blinks while walking. But kaun dekhega? (sic).” Have a look at it right here:

Rohit Shetty Katrina Kaif Sooryavanshi
Image Source - Instagram

Well, we must say, quite a demeaning statement for the female lead of your upcoming magnum opus.

While the full interview hasn’t yet been released, the Film Companion website does give details about the 5 important things Rohit Shetty spoke about during the chat. When we checked on a little while later, the website seems to have deleted the portion and reduced it to 4 important things Rohit Shetty spoke about during the interview. We would eagerly hope to see the full interview, hoping to not see this portion of the interview chopped out.

Let’s wait and watch whether Katrina Kaif has some rebuttal to this, or will she just let it slide as a fun gesture from a dear friend.

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