Salman Khan : I call Kareena Kapoor Baby, Sweetheart, Jaan

Most actresses would hate being called ‘Behenji’ and that too not by Salman Khan, the most handsome man of film industry. However Kareena Kapoor who is addressed as ‘Behenji’ by Salman Khan in Bajrangi Bhaijaan said that he can call her anything he wants to.

At the trailer launch of Bajrangi Bhaijaan, when Salman Khan was asked as to how difficult was it to address the glamorous Kareena as Behenji he said, “It was very easy. Dil par patthar rakh kar, jab vo dialogue aata tha na, behenji, I use to wonder from which angle she is looking like a Behenji.”

The Begum Kareena quirkily replied, “Now I am not looking like a Behenji, definitely.” Salman then added, “That time also you weren’t looking like one. She never looks like a Behenji.”

When asked Kareena about the same, she said, “Salman can call me whatever he likes.”

Salman quickly grabbed the opportunity and said, “I call her Baby, I call her bebo, I call her sweetheart, I call her meri jaan.”