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How does Sridevi look fab at 53? Check out her beauty, diet and fitness secrets

There are a very few women who can incite instant envy. One of them is the gorgeous, Sridevi. In her heyday, the superstar was the undisputable reigning Queen of B-Town as she had worked with almost all the actors of those times. After a long sabbatical after marriage, she decided to make a comeback in 2012 with Gauri Shinde’s ‘English Vinglish‘ and now will also be seen in the upcoming thriller movie ‘Mom’ soon. Her sparkling eyes, fab body, flawless face, strong acting skills! No wonder movies like ‘Chandni’ were written just for the lady.

The 53-year-old (oh, yeah she is!) actress truly defies age. Sridevi can give even her daughter Jhanvi Kapoor, who will soon be making her showbiz debut, a run for her money. The actress has said in interviews many a times that she drinks lots of water throughout the day, likes to get head massages to boost blood circulation, and treats her skin with rosewater packs. Huh, that sounds pretty affordable, fellas! But the most important beauty tip she reiterates is to use fresh fruit face packs for the skin, which are sans harmful preservatives and chemicals.

Well, let’s all dig into her beauty, diet and fitness mantras!

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Beauty Rituals

1) Eyeliner, lip gloss and her La Prairie Platinum cream! That’s all the woman needs for her public appearances and she prefers natural makeup instead of the cakey look.

2) She likes to keep everything simple in her day-to-day life. She feels that the ultimate beauty blunder is sleeping with makeup on as the chemicals in products can be harsh on the skin.

3) The gorgeous mother of two sticks to a healthy diet, practices yoga five times a week for that fit body and drinks lot of water and liquids to hydrate herself.

4) Sridevi uses glycerine mixed with rose water as a face pack for her skin.

5) She indulges in regular hair massages. Aren’t her thick lustrous hair proof enough?

6) The lady believes in the art of being happy, which adds to her skin glow and grace.

Diet Secrets

1) Starts her day with 2 glasses of warm water with lemon/herbal tea, diet/vegetable juice

2) Breakfast – A bowl of oats/muesli with nuts, fruits and honey with skimmed milk

3) Lunch – Salad, grilled fish (salmon), tofu/cheese, a bowl of dal

4) Dinner – Roti and vegetable curry, soups

5) Drinks green tea (she even carries her favourite flavours in her purse )

6) Eats every 2 hours that helps maintain her metabolic levels.

Her snacks include sautéed peanuts, a whole fruit to keep her metabolism going, lots of goat cheese with multigrain crackers. Sometimes, the actress cheats with dark chocolates.

Fitness Files

Sridevi likes to play outdoor games like tennis with her daughters Jhanvi and Khushi Kapoor. She’s also very passionate about Power yoga, which she practices almost every day. The rest of the times, the actress makes it a point to go jogging in the morning or hit the gym.

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