Obsessed with Sonakshi Sinha’s eyeliner game? Check out our two-minute tips to snag that diva look

We all know Sonakshi Sinha got her acting chops from her father. But did you know that her perfect cat eyeliner skills have been inherited from her beautiful mom Poonam Sinha? C’mon, don’t you think Sona has been blessed with one of the most gorgeous sets of peepers? The way she pulls off that extended eyeliner look has become the talk of the town as she keeps giving us some major beauty goals all the damn time.

The actress proves time and again that in spite of the hullaballoo surrounding the kohl-rimmed avatar, winged eyeliner is a lethal weapon that can never go out of fashion. So, whether she’s headed to a party, at the airport or just lounging around with friends, she never forgets her secret beauty hack. And no, we also never get tired of seeing her winged-wink. EVER.

Inspired by her statement eyes, here’s how you can perfect the winged eyeliner with three easy steps. This look is not too heavy on the eye and the eyeliner gives you enough freedom to experiment with bright lip shades.

1) Create a semi-thin line from the front (inner side) of the eyelid and draw it all the way back to the end.

2) Then drag a straight line back to ‘wing’ out your liner.

3) Connect the wing back to the semi thin line and wallah, you are sorted!

Ensure that you use a brush that does not clump because that’ll take away from the clean look of Sonakshi’s lashes.

All done! Why don’t you try this look this season and send us some pictures?