Price Tag: The cost of Karan’s bunny-themed shirt will make you HOP a giant loop in surprise!

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Karan Johar needs no introduction when it is all about fashion. A tour inside his closet and we will surely find all things BRANDED. His style taste has always been out-of-the-box and we really cannot get over his choice of fabulous fashion. Be it quirky suits or be it those sassy clothes, the star has impressed each and every style police.

But only good looking and expensive clothes don’t do wonders as it is also his attitude which makes the filmmaker’s sartorial picks class apart. And if you follow him on Instagram, his latest post where we see him in a Bugs Bunny shirt, is a style guide for all the dads out there. Have a look at it below:

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Dad at 45! This is the result!

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However, we loved Karan’s cute fashion stint but then, if you thought that the shirt is in-expensive and wanted to buy…grrrr it is freaking pricey. So, the Bugs Bunny denim shirt Karan was seen wearing and posing is from Gucci which is priced at $2438 i.e Rs. 158530. Yes, you read that right. And below lies the proof:

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While we were on a hunt to know from which brand does Karan’s shirt belong, it was sadly out of stock everywhere. Nah, we are with no intentions to buy it but if you are rich enough and want to splurge, just an added information that the gloriously costly shit is not available.

Karan Johar, a shirt for LAKHS, we bow down at you! For fashionable scoops, stay tuned. (Also Read: Price Tag: Karan Johar’s ‘Holi Hai’ jacket is ‘Holy Expensive’ at a whopping 93k!)