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WHATT!!! Ranbir Kapoor’s casual jogger pants are worth an iPhone!

Being born in the legendary Kapoor Khandaan of Bollywood doesn’t come with any cons but only pros. While the Kapoor’s may play the character of a middle-class person in any film, in reality, their taste and standards are way much superior. Let’s take Ranbir Kapoor for instance, the actor has a rich taste especially when it comes to Hypebeast-approved clothing.

RK, who has always been a fitness enthusiast prefers to wear only high-end sportswear. Be it for a simple workout session or even a walk around the streets of Bandra. Well, you must be wondering why are we emphasizing more on his personal life? The worth of his joggers made us do so. To be more precise, Kapoor lad was recently spotted stepping out of a salon visit in the lush neighbourhoods of Bandra, wearing a pair of joggers whose worth may be at a par with someone’s house rent for 3 months.

Image Source - Yogen Shah

Ranbir was seen wearing a black neck tattered T-shirt paired with a rather fit pair of jogger pants that have elasticated cuffs at the bottom. He completed his look with a light grey beanie on top. But what left mouth wide open was the price of his jogger pants. Man! his jogger pants cost a whopping $705 which is approximately Rs. 47,235.


But then he is a KAPOOR boy, who is born with silver spoon and probably doesn’t bother worrying much about this amount as much we are. What’s your say on Ranbir’s oh-so-expensive wardrobe? Do pour in your thoughts.

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