Ranbir Kapoor with Salman Khan

Ranbir Kapoor’s movie  Besharam directed by Anubhav Sinha was to be released on 2nd October, as the date was already secured by the producers of the Movie . When rumors of Salman Khan releasing his movie Mental on the same date were heard,well as it is common knowledge that Anubhav Sinha had a fallout with the Khan’s during the making of  Dabangg,also Ranbir and Salman share a history of Blow-hot,Blow-cold relationship.Speculations are rife that Salman wants to take on both, Ranbir and Abhinav.


Sources say,Ranbir suggested that they move the date, whereas Abhinav was adamant.’Why should we move our date?’ he was heard saying.Well it looks like ,Ranbir is shying of taking on the Dabangg Khan, knowing that the latters star power has grown tremendously,It sure looks like Abhinav Sinha wants to lock horns with Salman Khan by releasing his movie on the same day.

Ranbir”s film is an out-an-out commercial film , but looks like he is chickening out from the situation and doesn’t intend taking the risk.

Well it can be an opportune moment for Ranbir to prove his star power at the box office.