Aamir Khan with Shahruhk Khan

The Current Gossips Floating around the B-town is all about how focused  Aamir Khan remains at work.

The Perfectionist Khan was perfecting his moves in the rehearsal hall of Yash  Raj Studio for a dance sequence with Katrina Kaif in Dhoom 3.All of a sudden he stopped and retreated to a corner.


As per an insider, he was finding it hard to concentrate with a large poster of  Shahrukh Khan distracting him, “He told someone to take off the poster.But rather than comply his wishes, the YRF staff told him politely that he had no authority to remove anything from the hall.”Aamir went back to the rehearsals, but unhappy at being turned down so summarily.

Well Aamir we think you should concentrate at improving your dancing skills, so what if it is under the watchful gaze of SRK.