Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan has been working hard for the completion of his movie ‘PeeKay’, recently after completing his 15 day schedule in Delhi, he flew down to Jaipur to¬†finish his shoot there .


As per sources , Aamir Khan’s family was in Delhi celebrating the launch of Mansoor Ali Khan’s book and Eid too, but he had to catch a flight to Jaipur. As they had a shoot in a small village very close to Jaipur, “Accompanied by a huge crew of almost 200 people, the actor left for a small village called Dhulla Rao near Banskho early in the morning to shoot.” Hirani shot few scenes of Aamir walking through the muddy roads of the village on Wednesday.

Well being a perfectionist Aamir missed out on the Eid celebrations with Family, but was celebrating it by walking through the muddy roads of the village.