Aamir Khan: Would be happy to wake up beside Katrina Kaif

The new season of Koffee with Karan is turning into quite an entertaining one; with the host being embarassed by the guests and also many quirky answers given given during the rapid fire round.

As per sources, the first episode had Salman Khan on it but the third episode will feature Aamir Khan and his elusive wife Kiran on it.The moment Karan started the rapid fire round with Kiran asking, “If you woke up as Ranbir Kapoor one morning, what would you do?” Kiran asks “As Ranbir Kapoor or with Ranbir Kapoor?” as her husband Aamir looks on bemused. Later Aamir is seen saying that if Kiran woke up as Katrina Kaif, he would be happy, “because I’ll be next to her in bed.”

Well seems like the ever perfect Aamir too has a humorous side to him.