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Adhyayan Suman has often been in the news for his ugly breakup with Kangana Ranaut. He is again making headlines for his breakup, but with Dr Stuti Sharma and not with Kangana. While there have been several reports about his break-up with Dr Stuti Sharma, there have also been rumours of him dating the ‘Splitsvilla’ contestant Maera Mishra.


On Saturday evening, while having an interaction with Spotboye, Adhyayan Suman confessed that Stuti and he had parted ways. “Since she was in Delhi and I in Mumbai, the long distance relationship didn’t work out. It takes time for any break-up to settle down. Maybe with time, we become friends. But for now, we aren’t,” he added.

And when he was asked about dating Maera Mishra, the Junior Suman said, “Yeah, there is something between us, say chemistry for one. But we are still friends. Maera and I like each other, there’s no doubt about that. But I won’t use the word ‘love’ yet. There’s a difference between like and love. We haven’t really reached that stage so far.”

Spotboye also asked Adhyayan to elaborate on that bold marriage proposal that Maera recently made to him on social media. Replying to this, he said, “Things shouldn’t be taken so seriously on Twitter and Facebook. Too much shouldn’t be read into every post of everyone. Don’t we do that?”

At the end, Adhyayan was asked about dating Maera and he replied saying, “Look, I have never been secretive about my girlfriends till date, so why would today be an exception? As of now, I am surely planning to ask Maera out. I would like to go on a date with her. Let’s see how things go from there.”

On the work front, Adhyayan was last seen on the big screen in Anil Balani’s ‘Ishq Click’. Maera, on the other hand, has signed a TV show that will go on air in March.

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