Adhyayan Suman says he and Kangana Ranaut are on the same side on ‘humanitarian grounds’

Image Source - Instagram

Kangana Ranaut is fighting for the justice of Sushant Singh Rajput and also Adhyayan and his father Shekhar Suman have been seeking justice since the death of the actor. In an interview to India TV, Adhyayan said that he has had no relationship with Kangana in the last 12 years. But now they are fighting for the same thing. He said that both have ‘the same voice, on humanitarian grounds’.

Adhyayan Suman spoke to Bollywood Bubble recently. Have a look:

Adhyayan said in Hindi, “In the last 12 years, I have not followed Kangana. She is a popular and successful actor. If she has decided to come out in public and air her grievances, I am sure there is a reason for it. She does not need any publicity, I am guessing. There must be some anger or something that she has to say, which is why she is speaking up. That is completely her opinion and I respect it.”

He added, “Time and again, I say, I don’t have any relationship with Kangana. However, life has brought us to a point where we are not against each other but on the same side. If my father raised his voice for justice for Sushant Singh Rajput, so did Kangana. I want to be vocal about her only when it comes to this, that we have the same voice, on humanitarian grounds.”

Recently, an old video surfaced where Adhyayan was saying in one of his interviews that Kangana asked him to try cocaine. Adhyayan then took to his Twitter handle to request everyone to stop ‘dragging (him) in this toxicity’ and he ‘don’t intend to visit that dark phase’ of his life anymore.

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