Aditya Chopra with Govinda

Actor Govinda’s  career had taken a sharp slide in 2006,when his home production Sukh tanked, leading to huge financial losses.During this phase he was helped by Salman Khan,who bailed him out by offering to act with him in David Dhawan-directed Partner,that gave him the much needed boost .However, the good times didn’t last long,due to the fallout  Govinda had with the Dabangg  Khan over the latter going back on his promise of helping his daughter Narmada in her career, Govinda had almost but disappeared until now .


As per sources,Aditya Chopra has been taking a keen interest in reviving the sagging fortunes of Chi Chi.The duo has been in closed-door meetings.Apart from discussions with Aditya, looks like Govinda may star in Partner 2 as well. While Dhawan had wanted to bring back the original jodi – Salman and Govinda – in the sequel for the longest time, it wasn’t possible as Salman hadn’t green-lighted the project so far.

Well good news for Govinda’s  fans who had been missing his shenanigans on the big screen.