Salman Khan

The Gorgeous Katrina Kaif has been trying since a long time to launch her beautiful sister Isabella Kaif in Bollywood and if recent reports are to be believed then it seems like Isabella is all set for her Bollywood Debut with none other than The Mentor Khan(Salman Khan). Katrina Kaif was reported to be in a relationship with Salman ,He is the one credited with making her the Diva.


Isabella will be seen in a Canadian film Dr Cabbie, that is co-produced by Salman Khan.Well then was it Katrina whose influence led Isabella to be chosen for this enviable role? An Eros Spokesperson clarified “Isabelle went through the audition process like all the other actors. She was cast based on her performance and only because she was a perfect fit for the role(sic).”

Seems like Isabella is currently working in a short film opposite  Anil Kapoor’s son  Harshvardhan.