Ajay Devhnn in mustache

Ajay Devgnn Believes in conserving energy as it is the need of the hour.the reclusive star encouurages everyone around him to do so.Ajay recently pledged his support to save energy and use solar power as much as possible in his daily life.


As per sources , When Ajay Devgnn was asked What drives himto conserve energy resources he said,”I believe in saving energy because we need to take care of the earth we are living on. We must use the resources we need in moderation and aim at saving something for our future generations as well. I try to save power in every way possible. Most of my appliances and machines work on solar power. I also try and use smaller cars when I am going on shorter drives.I have taught my children that they must save energy and now they believe in it too.These are some ways of ensuring that our future generations don’t face lack of resources”.

Well Ajay we applaud you for your initiative in conserving energy resources.