Akshay Kumar with his son

Superstar Akshay Kumar is being inspired by his son Aarav to contribute towards charity. Akshay’s son is only 11, but very much a regular at charitable institutions to donate clothes and toys to the underprivileged children.zhenever he hears about any social cause he gently nudges Akshay to contribute.The youngster is Eco conscious and tells everyone to plant trees and not to litter streets and public spaces.


According to sources,”Every now and then, both father and son clean up their cupboards. Aarav gathers all the stuff that they don’t need and heads to an orphanage in Andheri to donate all the things,apart from that, Aarav often takes toys and clothes and goes with his driver to distribute them among street kids.Once he heard about an initiative to educate poor children. He asked Akshay to find out more about it and make a contribution to fund the kids’ education.”
Well like father like son ,Akshay has truly taught right values to his son  Aarav.