Akshay Kumar’s son Aarav embarrasses Twinkle Khanna on family chat group with a hilarious post

Image Source - Instagram

We all know the humorous side of Twinkle Khanna wife of superstar Akshay Kumar. She is a celebrated columnist and the author of bestselling books such as Pyjamas Are Forgiving, The Legend Of Lakshmi Prasad and Mrs Funnybones. The former actress is also an interior decorator, the owner of The White Window, and a film producer. Twinkle even runs a digital content company called Tweak India.

But apart from that, Mrs Funnybones, (this is also her Twitter handle and it describes her cheeky humour perfectly), is known for her innovative and witty social media posts. But this time it is her son Aarav who has outdone her.

Earlier today, the actress shared a post in which we can see she is trying a specific workout. She captioned the post as, “Who needs enemies when you have a son who puts this up on the family chat? By the way, I was doing a ‘bent-over reverse dumbbell fly’ a term I would not even know a year ago.”

Twinkle also shared the post which Aarav had posted in their family chat group. The post reads, “Neighbours report shocking news as Twinkle Khanna as allegedly possessed by a demon. Take a look at her demonic ritual in the communal garden.”

After looking at the humour in this post, we can all conclude that Aarav has inherited his hilarious mom’s humour. Aarav has been often spotted with his family on various occasions. He came across as a handsome and shy guy.

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