Alia Bhatt once had to clean desks for a week at school! Here’s why…

Alia Bhatt is undoubtedly one of the most talented folks among the present generation actors. From ‘Highway‘ to ‘Udta Punjab’, she has gone on to establish herself as a performer any director can bank upon. However, all the stars were once mischevious kids and Alia is no exception. At a recent event where she celebrated Children’s Day with kids, Alia confessed how she would escape to the washroom for sleeping!

“I was given a punishment to clean the desk for one week. What I did was which one shouldn’t do but I used to go to school and sleep in the bathroom. So, one day the teacher caught me sleeping in the bathroom. She went to check why is this girl missing,” the ‘Shaandar’ actress said.

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“Then I had to wipe the desk for a week. Very bad thing to do. So please don’t sleep in class, sleep at home,” she added.

LOL! You can surely be the kids’ favourite, Alia.

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