Ameesha Patel Slams Subhash Ghai For Yaadein

Actress Ameesha Patel on Tuesday shocked her co stars during a radio interview to promote her movie Shortcut Romeo. She displayed an aggression that was unknown as she spoke about being thrown out of a Subhash Ghai movie Yaadein due to Filmi politics. She also expressed her relief at her ouster as the film had flopped at Box office.

As per sources, “When Ameesha said this, we were all shocked. Neil didn’t know where to look. His whole face went red. Actors as a rule don’t talk about the roles that they don’t do, and that too in a gloating tone celebrating the said film’s failure. Besides, if Ameesha lost Yaadein to Kareena didn’t Ameesha replace Kareena in Kaho Na Pyaar Hai?”

Subhash Ghai maintained a dignified silence by just saying Bless you to Ameesha. Looks like someone is getting too big for their boots.