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Amitabh Bachchan: We didn’t shoot My name is Anthony Gonsalves

Big B Refused the Rumour that he is shooting My Name is Anthony Gonsalves… he added “We only shot the title track for Bol Bachchan which has an introduction shot of me emerging from an egg and blabbering English gibberish, much the Anthony song, before getting on with the rest of the song,”

“Shweta and Abhishek visited the sets when the Amar Akbar Anthony song was shot. There is also a photo of Abhishek in his pram. The little Baby has grown into a 6 ft 3 inches man who is playing the lead character in this film that has me making a guest appearance. That’s the connect,” he smiles.

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He however takes umbrage to the song being referred to as an ‘item number’ reasoning that referring to any cinematic effort as an ‘item’ publicly makes it seem light and frivolous.

“Every artiste involved in such act has a substantial standing on his or her own merit, be it Katrina (Kaif), Karisma (Kapoor), Priyanka (Chopra) or Rakhi (Sawant) to name a few. It would be incorrect to use such terminology just for the sake of convenient nomenclature,” he says.

“I have sung and performed the title track in Bol Bachchan that could perhaps be used in the end credits. Would you term Ekla Chalo Re… that was also used in the end credits, as an ‘item’ presence in kahaani (2012)? I doubt it.”

What is it like to have a film named after the Bachchans? He says, “Rohit Shetty must have sufficient reason to call it that. We will only find that out after seeing the film.”

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