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Amrita Rao and Anmol kept their relationship under wraps for 7 long years. The couple got married on 15 May 2016 and were blessed with a son Veer in 2020. We sat down for an exclusive chat with Amrita Rao and her Rj husband on Chemistry 101 for Bollywood Bubble where the couple narrated their love story and it is nothing less than a romance novel.

Amrita told Bollywood Bubble that she had arrived at Anmol’s Radio station to promote her film My Name Is Anthony, “When love happens it is all unplanned, but yet so perfect. So that is what happened it was very unplanned, it was an interview.” Telling us how it all began, Anmol said, “I had shifted to Mumbai, I was already doing my show on radio. I had gone back to Delhi for my vacation and I went to my radio station then to meet my friends. We were just chilling and this lady came to me and said that there is a film crew coming to promote and the actress is here, ‘can you please go and do some chit chatting’? I said ‘Don’t tell me I am very bad with Bollywood people, you know that!’, so she said, ‘Just for 10 minutes’.” When Anmol got to know the actress is Amrita Rao, he agreed to meet her. The RJ continued, “I entered the room and she was sitting all alone in that conference hall and I thought ‘Oh dude she is more beautiful than what I saw in Vivah’.”


Amrita added, “He didn’t really speak much as he was not comfortable with our generation of actors. He is not very good at loose talk either. I just remember this that, while I was leaving he was just like looking at me like that. I kind of remember that look and thought what was he thinking about me.” Anmol said, “Look at destiny, while she was leaving I was told that why don’t you hand over the flowers to Amrita. I did that it was captured y the photographer at the radio station and we have it on record.”

Talking about their first meeting, Anmol said, “To cut the long story short, she took my number.” Amrita defended herself and revealed, “I just liked him, I used to hear his voice, I was like I’d love to do an interview with him someday on radio. So I just happened to take his number. I didn’t know then I was really innocent girl and I didn’t know that you can’t ask guys their number.”


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Amrita continued, “When we came back to Mumbai and after a few months Anmol called me, because he had my number, and said that I am starting this all retro show on radio and there was no show like that then. So I have been such a hardcore retro fan and I was crazy excited that I actually told him that I would actually like to come and co-host a radio show with him.” When asked if she volunteered for the sure because she loved retro or she like Anmol, “It was my love for retro, radio and maybe Anmol.” Amrita’s husband was more than excited that she finally confessed ‘after 12 years’.”

Amrita continued, “I was very excited, so I had all my Kishore Kumar songs and like one school girl I had this notebook and my notes. We were doing this interview on a Sunday.” Anmol added, “My parents were shocked, this guy does not pick up a call on Saturday and Sunday, he is going for an interview.” Rao said, ‘That interview was epic by itself. Because it was an eight-hour interview.”

Anmol said, “After the interview was over after 2-3 hours, Amrita Rao tells me, ‘What?”, Amrita said, “I said ‘I want to hear this interview with you now'” Then after they heard it, Amrita also told Anmol, that she wants to ‘edit’ the interview.


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Defending herself later, Amrita said, “So he calls me lady Aamir Khan, because I am Ms Perfectionist and because it was Kishore Kumar and I was crazy about doing this all retro show. I told Anmol that this has to be perfect means then till the T.” Anmol started the show on the 4th of January 2009.

The RJ said that he was not into it when Amrita Rao- a Bollywood actress wanted to host a show, but he was taken aback when she followed up with him about the Retro show. Then Anmol revealed that while they were hosting the show together, he was falling her and that is when he asked Amrita off the record if she was dating anyone else. After the interview, Amrita asked for a copy of the interview, but Anmol told her he cannot courier the CD to her, so he will have to come and meet him. Amrita then told Anmol to remind her the next day, but he said, “I’m sorry I don’t give reminders because if it is important, you will remember.”

But they eventually became friends, starting meeting and the rest is history.

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