Anu Aggarwal
Image Source - Instagram

Since ages people have been obsessed with fair skin tones. There are many products in the market to make women fairer. After so many years, it took the Black Lives Matter movement for HUL to drop the word ‘fair’ from its bestseller fairness product Fair & Lovely. Even, dropped the skin tone filter from its website.

We recently had a conversation with ‘Aashiqui’ actress Anu Aggarwal where she spoke about people’s obsession about fair skin tone. She also gave an advice to the women with dusky or dark skin colour. When we asked the actress how she dealt with it and not let it affect her, to which she said, “First of all, we have to accept ourselves. The trouble is we feel that it’s not right then we get affected by what people are saying. If I feel I’m good who can tell me I am not good. Whether it’s true or not true that is another question.”


She continued, “As far as my dark skin or the colour was concerned, I was like ‘sorry this is my colour, what’s wrong with you? This is natural. If I don’t match your expectations, go and find a fair girl. Why are you coming to me? Mujhe apne haal main chod do.'”

While advising the other women, Anu said, “So, it’s about acceptance and I would want all the girls who are dusky and who are being told, I want all of them to know that they are beautiful because they are natural and it has come naturally. So, it’s better than anything that can be artificial. If anybody thinks otherwise, they can go and look for some other girls who are fair and all. Forget about it. They are not for you.”

You can watch the interview here.

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