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The biggest Bollywood announcement of the year was made a few weeks ago when producer Deepak Mukut and director Anil Sharma revealed that they are coming together with the Deol family once again for ‘Apne 2’. The legendary actor Dharmendra will be joined by his sons Sunny Deol and Bobby Deol and grandson Karan Deol for the sequel. Now, they have also locked the main writer for the second part.

Director Anil Sharma will be reuniting with his ‘Apne’ writer Neerraj Pathak for ‘Apne 2’ as well. He shares, “I had been looking out for the perfect script to make ‘Apne 2’. I had received around 10-12 story ideas but Neerraj who worked with us and wrote ‘Apne’ for us came up with this fantastic script which touched all of us. Though ‘Apne 2’ is a completely new story, Neerraj’s writing will help us retain the same emotions and sanctity attached to Apne. The essence of the characters is in his blood. I’m happy to be working with Neerraj Pathak once again on ‘Apne 2’.”



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But a tragedy could have possibly been a big roadblock to their association. Neerraj contracted Covid-19 and reached out to Sharma. He adds, “It was a huge struggle for him. When he got diagnosed with the Coronavirus, Neerraj called me and told me about it. He was so professional that he didn’t want this to affect the progress of the movie and asked me to get some other writer to work on ‘Apne 2’ if I wanted. But we were sure that we wanted him only, kyunki apne toh apne hote hai. He himself fought like a fighter, a boxer and recovered.”

Deepak Mukut says, “‘Apne 2’ would have felt incomplete without Neerraj Pathak. The characters are his brainchild and nobody knows the world better than him. So we are happy that Neerraj is joining us on the journey.”

Neerraj adds, “I have had a fantastic association with Anil Sharma ji in ‘Apne’. Deepak ji and I go back a long way, as he was my first producer and I am happy to be associated with him again. It’s an honour to be writing again for the Deols and Karan Deol is joining the cast. I am thrilled and excited to give it my best.”

The script is now ready in place and the film shoot will kickstart in Punjab and Europe from March 2021. It is expected to have a grand Diwali release next year.

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