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Arbaaz Khan recently welcomed stepmother Helen on his chat show, The Invincibles. And now, in a recent interview, Arbaaz Khan opened up on his equation with Helen. For the uninitiated, Salim got married to Helen when he was already married to Salma Khan. Arbaaz got candid as he revealed that Salim’s decision to marry Helen was difficult for his mother.

Arbaaz recalls mom Salma’s difficult time

Salim got married to Salma in November 1964. They are parents to four children – Salman, Arbaaz, Sohail, and Alvira Khan. They later adopted Arpita Khan. In 1981, Salim re-married Helen.

In an interview with Indian Express, Arbaaz recalled the old days and said, “It was difficult, especially for my mom. We were all quite young then. However, we saw that my father never neglected us or kept us deprived of anything. Also, as he spoke in my interview, the relationship was an emotional accident for him. Also, most importantly, it wasn’t a frivolous thing for him, he decided to give it full dignity and bring it into his life.”

The actor added, “It’s not easy to say that these things are normal and it will work. Also, just because one such family can come together, doesn’t mean it can be replicated by others. It is not an easy thing having two wives who are cordial and children who are accepting. It’s a very complicated scenario and it’s tough to answer what, how, and why it all worked out. But in hindsight, I think honesty and integrity made things a little easier for us.”

Helen reveals Salma had a tough time

Recently, on Arbaaz’s chat show, Helen admitted that Salma Khan had a ‘tough time’ when she started dating Salim Khan. The veteran actress said, “Knowing your father, everybody knows him, he is a very generous, just, fair and very compassionate person. In those days he must have heard of me going through a lot of court cases and all that because of that he gave a role in Imaandaar, then Dostana, Don and then we became friends. I used to come over, mommy (Salma) was very nice and then things have been tough even at that point and for mom.”

Helen added, “I never ever wanted a separation from the family. I would never have stayed on I couldn’t take that and of course, a lot of credit goes to Mom. She must have gone through a lot at that time, I’m 100% sure of it but again I think destiny brought me close to all of you and I must thank all of you.”

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