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As a tribute to her mother Nilima Dutta, actress Divya Dutta to write a book

Actress Divya Dutta who has been receiving good reviews for her villainous act in recently released ‘Chalk N Duster’ suffered a personal loss after her mother Nilima Dutta passed away on January 10, 2016.

Nilima Dutta was a role model in the life of Divya. As the actress had lost her father when she was a kid, her mother a gynecologist by profession raised Divya and her brother Rahul singlehandedly. Still feeling the presence of her mother around, Divya has decided to pen a book on her.

This book will inculcate various incidents in Divya’s life. For example, an important decision for Divya was to tell her mother that she had made up her mind to enter Bollywood. To which her mother supported the actress wholeheartedly.

Certainly, it would be a good tribute from the side of a daughter to express the journey of her mother with the personal emotion attached to it.

Certainly, it could be the best tribute a daughter could pay to her mother who has always been a fountain of inspiration in her life.



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