Babul Supriyo Mamata Banerjee

Singer-politician Babul Supriyo has opened up about his latest song ‘Tera Shukr Shukr’, politics, Mamata Banerjee and a lot of other things in an exclusive chat with Bollywood Bubble. He is an MP representing Asansol, West Bengal and currently serving as the Minister of State for Environment, Forest and Climate Change, in the Union Council of Ministers.

In the interview, he slammed Mamata Banerjee and her party Trinamool Congress. He said, “My job in Bengal is to defeat the Trinamool Congress. My job is to keep a fair government, a government which is not about cruelty, political killings, corruption, nepotism, about keeping politics first and people last. I have never been in politics and never even close to it in college or anywhere. But I have grown up in Kolkata. Therefore, I am aware of what happened there in 34 years of Left rule that destroyed Bengal. After that when Mamata Banerjee came to power, people actually trusted her, they believed in what she said. She spoke about development, change and what she did was she changed and made it worse. The kind of cruelty and injuries she has inflicted upon Bengal in every manner, financial, health, education, that is irreparable. So, by 2021, people have decided what they want to do and it’s just our job to ensure that democracy something which Mamata Banerjee has destroyed and killed in Bengal with all the political violence, to bring that democracy back where people get their minimum power and minimum they can ask in a democratic country and that is their right to vote.”


You can watch the interview here.

He added, “I don’t do politics to get into politics. I went to people as a singer and I wanted them to trust me. I told them that ‘if you have loved me as a singer, let me give back something in return to you. So, I’m in Narendra Modi’s team and he is my leader, so choose me as your parliamentarian’. They chose me in 2014 and what was even more challenging with this violent conditions that exist in Bengal from booth rigging and booth capturing, all these violence that Trinamool Congress resorts to wanted to win it for the second time in 2019. The second time people wouldn’t vote me as a singer, they would vote me for what I did for them. Under the leadership of honourable PM, I did a lot of work for Kolkata and for my constituency as much as I can do. In 2019, I won by 2 lakh votes.”

Babul also said that he is currently in a happy space and music keeps him charged.

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