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‘Bharat’: Salman Khan finally reveals the funny reason why he mentions Priyanka Chopra in every interview

Image Source - Instagram

Salman Khan has been thanking Priyanka Chopra in almost every interview of ‘Bharat’. While people have been thinking that he may have had a fall out with the actress after she walked out of the film, that’s not actually true. The superstar is actually very proud of Priyanka Chopra’s guts and during a recent interview to Bombay Times, Salman Khan revealed the real reason why he talks of Priyanka Chopra in every interview of ‘Bharat’.

So is Salman Khan taunting Priyanka Chopra for having left such a massive magnum opus like ‘Bharat’? “I am not taunting Priyanka Chopra at all. People would leave their husbands for a film like this, but I feel what she has done is the most amazing thing. She has worked so hard in her career. She really wanted to do this film and she left it to get married. I just joke about it in front of Katrina. If she says something about the film, I say, ‘Thank You, Priyanka’, hinting (playfully) she should say it, so that Katrina gets annoyed. I just tease Katrina. I have no problem with Priyanka. It’s a wonderful thing what she has done. She did it knowing perhaps that I might get upset, I might not like it or might not work with her. Despite all the thoughts that may have crossed her mind, she chose to get married to a man instead of this movie, which is a correct, noble and gutsy thing to do,” Salman Khan told Bombay Times.

Wow! Now, isn’t that hilarious coming from the ace superstar? Well, this should put to rest all the rumours doing the rounds of social media about Salman Khan not being happy with Priyanka Chopra.

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