Bollywood actor Sitaram Panchal breathed his last early this morning. The actor who has played pivotal roles in films like ‘Peepli Live’, ‘Jolly LL.B 2’ and many more was suffering from lung and kidney cancer for a past few years. Last he made it to the news when he took to his Facebook page to seek help. The star was facing financial crisis due to his deteriorating health and hence, urged everyone to come forward and help him. His social media post read, “Brothers, please help me, I am suffering from cancer, your actor brother, Sitaram Panchal.” Many Bollywood stars did make it a point to help him in any given way. But today, he lost his battle to cancer. (Also Read: ‘Jolly LL.B 2’ actor Sitaram Panchal seeks help to fight cancer)

As per reports, Sitaram Panchal, complained of breathless in morning and hence, was rushed to the nearby hospital. At around 7.45 am, Sitaram Panchal breathed his last.


In one of the earlier interviews, his wife Uma was quoted saying, “Ever since the cancer was detected in January 2014, he has taken Ayurvedic treatment. It was only recently that he started a new homeopathic medicine, following which, his condition worsened and we discontinued the medicines.”

Not just this, Sitaram Panchal and Uma Panchal recently celebrated their 26th wedding anniversary. Their son Rishabh Panchal took to his Facebook page to share a picture with his parents, congratulating them on this occasion.

May his soul rest in peace.