Breaking – Shubha Mudgal threatened for being ‘Anti Modi’

Singer Shubha Mudgal who was recently in the United States for a performance, was allegedly threatened by a board member of the Sunnyvale Hindu Temple. The singer was one of the many celebrities who had openly opposed the nomination of Narendra Modi, they had asked the people in general to choose for a secular candidate for the post of Prime Minister ship of the country.

As per sources, Shubha Mudgal was gearing up for her performance when a board member insisted on speaking to her. The moment he was granted permission he started criticizing the singer for her anti – Modi stance, not only that he even threatened her to stop the anti Hindu and anti national stance as it was intolerable to him. All through the verbal abuse the organizers were mum, ultimately Shubha’s husband and tabla maestro Aneesh Pradhan came and other artistes protested that security was called in to ensure peace and order.

It seems that the man had lost all control over himself, but the organizers were quite indifferent to the whole procedure and did not even try to appease him.