#Budget2017: Producer Mukesh Bhatt disappointed over exclusion of Bollywood

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, yesterday, announced the Union Budget 2017 for popular knowledge at the parliament. Like every other time, it evoked mixed response from the common people and political parties.

However, we were wondering about the possible impacts of the budget on Indian Entertainment industry, especially when the film business remains one of the largest industries in the country.

Producer Mukesh Bhatt, who also happens to be the President of Film and Television Producer’s Guild of India, spoke to a leading daily about the same and sounded disheartened over Bollywood not being included in the budget. (Also Read: Ileana D’Cruz speaks about getting eve-teased and gets trolled)

“The Finance Minister did not even mention the film industry in his budget. They feel like we do not exist. They didn’t even touch upon piracy which is impacting us in such a big way and also in turn affecting the government’s revenue. We are saddened!,” he said.

A number of issues including single screen theatres shutting down due to poor business and dubbed versions of Hollywood films killing business of regional films were expected to be addressed. A disappointed Bhatt, comparing ours with the film industry in China where every month a number of new theatres open, said, “The industry is depleting and vanishing right before our eyes because they continue to ignore it. Soon it’ll disappear.”

Is the Finance Minister listening?