Last we remember Salman Khan revealing that Shah Rukh Khan gave a positive nod to do a cameo in ‘Tubelight’ in one single phone call. Even before Salman could finish his sentence and reveal what the cameo is all about, SRK gave his approval and said ‘hojayega’ (It will be done) over the phone. And then the ‘Tubelight’ released and we witnessed the magical performance of King Khan in it. So the occasion being Eid, a press conference was held by SRK, wherein he was informed about Salman praising SRK for agreeing to do a cameo in ‘Tubelight’ and that too in one phone call. To this, SRK jokingly said that, ‘Mana hi nai kar sakta, Kaun mana kar sakta hai usse, kiski himmat hai?” (Cannot say ‘no’ to him, who can say no to him, who has guts to say no?). Hehe!

Further he also revealed that he has watched Salman Khan’s ‘Tubelight’ for one and half times. He once saw the entire film in the special screening while the other day he saw the first half of the film again at 4 in the morning and he liked it a lot.


Well, there was a time when Shah Rukh and Salman couldn’t see eye to eye. Their rivalry was the most talked about thing in Bollywood, but all is well that ends well. We love the bond that Salman and SRK share now. (Also Read: Not the actor, Shah Rukh Khan plans to don the chef’s hat, this Eid)