Sofia Hayat

Sofia Hayat seems to be controversy’s favourite child. Earlier, her sleazy pictures and obscene videos used to gain eyeballs and then her act of turning into a nun had given her a good amount of publicity. Now, once again she is in the news because of a tattoo she has got done on the soles of her feet.

Out of everything in the world, Sofia Hayat, got swastika inked on the soles of her feet. Knowing that religious sentiments are attached to swastika, a backlash was bound to happen. People bashed her on social media, despite her efforts of trying to explain people that it is not a crime.

Following this, we have now learnt that a police complaint has been filed against the actress. RTI activist Asad Patel filed a complaint against Sofia at Amboli Police Station.


As per the complainant, Sofia has disturbed public peace, public tranquility and public order by getting a swastika inked on the soles. We await an update on the case now. Till then, here’s the picture of Sofia’s tattoo.

Soon after this post, a furor broke out on social media, questioning Sofia for her acts. (ALSO READ: Sofia Hayat: Salman Khan does not like women unless they lick his a**)