Deepika Padukone gave more than 40 takes for scene in Gehraiyaan? Actress reveals

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It is no secret that the entire nation has been talking about Deepika Padukone and Siddhant Chaturvedi’s chemistry in Gehraiyaan. But did you know that director Shakun Batra has made Deepika do more than 40 takes for a scene in Gehraiyaan?

Deepika was asked about the scene and whether it was a rumour that she did so many takes, but the actress told Film Companion, “This is true and I have my friends who will vouch for it. I know I’m not Alone in this battle.” He co-star added, “Once Shakun made me do 48 variations in one take. So, in one take only he was like now do 48. That was his trick.”

Further talking about the 48 takes, Deepika said, “I have worked with directors who know exactly what they want. And then you have directors who have no clue what they want. And here, you have Shakun, who is so unique, he knows exactly what he wants but he’s also figuring it out. So, he sits right in the middle of the process which I have never experienced. So, when people say, ‘What is it like working with him?’ And I tell people yeah, he makes you do 48 takes and they say so ‘he doesn’t know what he wants’.”


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Padukone further said, “I say, ‘No, but actually he knows what he wants’. I know we are laughing about it but it is also very interesting. I have never worked with someone in this manner. He knows exactly what he wants and it is just him going after that. Maybe, because of the way we were shooting this film – very sort of hand held and the camera keeps moving – maybe it gave him the opportunity to try different things so that he has that flexibility on the edit table.”

Well, no wonder Deepika Padukone is considered one the top actresses in Bollywood.

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