Veteran actor Dharmendra and his love for Liquor is known to all.but now the lovable actor reveals that he has given up on drinking. His decision to give up alcohol was taken a long time back on a flight to US.Though he had not stopped it completely ,alcohol did not hold the same attraction to him as before.

According to sources,Dharamjji said,“She (bottle of alcohol) said you don’t deserve me Mr Dharmendra, kindly stop looking at me. I take pity on you.I know you need me sometimes when you are alone or tired or a bit upset but I don’t want to be a part of your life again as I want to see you healthy.”



This Fact was confirmed by a family friend “He tried to give it up a couple of times earlier but failed. This time, it’s for life. Next time he invites you home he might offer you a glass of beer but he will drink nimbu paani only.”

Well Dharamji you do have your fans appreciating your firmness in this matter.