Salman Khan in white

Salman Khan may be addressed by Fans and friends as  ‘ BHAI ‘ but Salman Once again expressed that he doesn’t likes when People address him as Bhai . According to Salman Only his brothers should Address him as Bhai .
In a Recent Interview, Salman stated that how he dislikes being addressed as bhai by unknown people.



“All sorts of idiots call me that. Even rank strangers. Not everyone has the right to call me bhai. (Gets animated, mimics a kid) Kids call me, `aye Salman how you doing…Mr Khan… oye Salman Khan’, I love it. But when some people call me bhai I think they are faking it. I hate it when some people call me Sallu. But when they call me that out of love, it shows. It`s the tone that matters. Only Arbaaz and Sohail should call me bhai. Besides, my parents have given me a name, it`s a superb name -Salman Khan and I prefer people calling me Salman. I think this `Sallu` was started by Jackie (Shroff). Now he calls me Salley!”

We Hope Its Loud and Clear for all Salman Khan Fans and Friends 😉