Elli Avram in Bigg Boss

Evicted contestant Elli Avram who was apparently Salman Khan’s favourite expresses her gratitute towards the Dabangg Khan. In an interview with a leading daily on being asked, you are considered as Salman Khan’s favorite contestant, and a lot has been said about you and Salman. What do you think about it? Elli said, “I can’t say anything about it right now. I just came out. I don’t know what people are thinking and talking about me and Salman. I can only say whatever we talked during the show, that all was just for fun and to entertain the audience. Salman is not biased towards anyone in the house.”


She further added, “I don’t know why he was so nice to me. He is a big superstar. And his kindness meant a lot to me. I think he sensed that I was all alone in there in Bigg Boss. The only foreigner. He helped me feel comfortable in Bigg Boss by just the way he spoke to me. Of course I soon became comfortable in there. I’ve learnt a lot of Hindi there.”

On being asked of how she felt being compared with Katrina Kaif she said, “I did not think more about it. It was flattering for me. I look up to Katrina Kaif, she is my idol. It’s an honor for me that Salman compared me with Katrina.”

She also cleared that she is not expecting any kind of favors from Salman Khan with her career.