Emraan Hashmi

Bollywood actors are a superstitious lot, each one of them have a certain belief. Emraan Hashmi too revealed his superstitious streak during the shoot of his upcoming film ‘Raja Natwarlal’. The actor feels that as most of his films that have featured the Haji Ali Dargah went on to be hits , therefore he requested the director of Raja Natwarlal to shoot a scene at the Dargah.

As per sources, “We were shooting for a few sequences and during a casual discussion, Emraan narrated the story of how the dargah has been featured in many of his previous films.


He also said that all his films, that had at least had one scene shot there, did very well at the box office. He then mentioned this to director Kunal Deshmukh, asking him to shoot a scene at the dargah.”

Sources further added that, Emraan insisted on shooting at Haji Ali dargah as he considers it lucky for him. “After searching the area thoroughly, we finally zeroed in on a small house opposite the dargah. The scene was shot in such a way that the Dargah is visible in the background.”

Emraan Hashmi is known to visit Haji Ali Dargah whenever he has time in his hand.