Akshay Kumar

Bollywood’s Khiladi Akshay Kumar’s upcoming movie ‘It’s Entertainment’ has the Khiladi working with a unique co star. Yes it’s a canine called Junior. It seems that the dog’s role was scripted before Akshay’s character. Unbelievable but true. The upcoming comic film revolves around a man struggling for two square meals, till one day he becomes a millionaire thanks to a rich daddy in Bangkok.


As per sources, Junior was pampered like a star. Producer Ramesh Taurani, a dog lover himself, rented out a centrally air-conditioned mansion for his ‘hero’, so he could keep his cool. “He was called Junior but he was the senior-most member of the crew who had two attendants, his trainer, a vet and a good-looking nurse at his service 24×7. The actors, including Akshay, Tamanna (Bhatia), Johnny bhai (Lever) and Mithunda (Chakrabort)y rehearsed their scenes before Junior was called on the sets so he didn’t have to wait.”

Sources further added that,”To ensure that Juniour was not overworked, they got a duplicate called Litchi who did all the running, jumping and on one occasion when Junior was unwell, even gave a frontal shot. They look like twins and I can confidently say that no one will be able to spot the difference.Junior also has a girlfriend in the film called Po Chai whom the unit fondly rechristened Kai Po Che. A silky ball of white fur, she is a belly dancer who wowed Akshay with an exhibition of her killer moves.”

The unit made sure to take every permission and precaution while shooting with the dogs. Union Cabinet Minister Maneka Gandhi when she came for the trailer launch was so impressed that she urged the director duo to use Indian breeds next time.