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Actress Esha Gupta is dating Manuel Campos Guallar, who is based in Spain. The actress often posts mushy pics with her boyfriend. In an interview with Bollywood Bubble, Esha spoke about her Manuel and their sweet deal. Esha posts bold pics of her on Instagram handle for which she sometimes gets trolled and people scrutinize her. It doesn’t matter to her what people say. When asked if Manuel gets affected by it, to which she said, “He is a personal and private person because he is a businessman and Spanish people are quite like Indians but the Indians which don’t gossip, don’t hate, those nice Indians Spanish are like that. They don’t have an industry like us or anything. Like I said he is a businessman, so he doesn’t know how all this works.”

The Aashram 3 actress added, “For him it was just shocking when some articles will randomly write something about us though 90% writes nice about us. But randomly he will see something and he will be like ‘why are they even writing about me’. But he also knows that’s part of the deal when he is dating an actor in India. The problem is we have so many people that automatically it’s more written and spoken about us than normal people anywhere in the world. So, he is ok with it till the time our personal life is not out there. And like I said I am only telling people what I want to so they don’t know the other part of my life.”


Esha also credits Manuel for taking such amazing pics of her. She added, “That was the part of the deal and he tells me also ‘rather take half an hour to click good pictures than take only five minutes and you sulking the whole day. So, he knows. So girls find a man like him.”

Aww, that’s such a sweet deal, isn’t it?

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