Salman Khan : “If I ever have a child I wish its a girl”

Superstar Salman Khan who has been supporting the cause of ‘Girl Child, Women Empowerment’ programme, says if he ever has a child, he wishes it should be a girl. “If I ever have a child.. Insh’allah I will… I wish its a girl. I want a girl child’.  He is supporting the cause with Miss Universe Olivia Culpo and Sanjana Jon who is in India for 10 days for the awareness programme.

According to sources,  Salman Khan is trying to stop ‘Female Foeticide’ (Killing of Girl Child) very much being practiced in India. ‘How can you kill a child even before its birth… Its not about awareness, its about your mentality. If you kill the girl child, eventually there will be no mothers and sisters and guys will have no women to marry. Women play a huge role in our lives.’

He also said that he is quite happy to have two sisters who are better at taking care of his parents than them any day ‘Women are ruling today… how can they be a burden. In my family I have two sisters and they take care of my parents more than any of us. I am glad I have two sisters.’
We think that if all the Indians start thinking like Salman Khan, then there will be no rape or female infanticide, nor the girl child will be considered a burden as she is now.