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After Boney Kapoor got married to late actress Sridevi, the lives of Arjun and Anshula Kapoor changed. Later Arjun and Anshula lost their loving mother Mona Kapoor and then there came a time after Sridevi’s demise when the whole family came together and stood like a pillar. So from a broken home, now the whole family is together. So does he feels he is a part of a perfect family now? Arjun Kapoor, who was last seen in Sardar Ka Grandson, spoke to Bollywood Bubble and shares his take on a perfect family.


Arjun says, “Few things are difficult which you cannot articulate. I think for 4 of us (Anshula, Janhvi, Khushi, and Arjun) it’s incomplete in a certain way. If I say we are a perfect family, that will be incorrect. It’s not about different opinions, we still are different families who are trying to merge and coexist with each other. We all have amazing time when we are together but we are still not one unit. I don’t want to sell a fake lie that everything is perfect. It can’t be perfect, as we are still figuring each other out. There are days when my dad sits and talks a lot. There is a lot more exchange of love today and there is a  concern we share for each other. I am sure it’s vice versa with Janhvi and Khushi. There are times when we don’t agree with each other’s point of view. But we are learning to co exist, we are learning to evolve to be in the happy space.”

Arjun also feels life is never perfect so he doesn’t want people to get this idea that they are a perfect family. He adds, “There are two very bad moments in our lives which have got us together. We will always be like broken pieces; trying to fill up the gaps to be in each other’s life. We are a support system to each other. We met after 20 years of Janhvi and Khushi being born. I am 35 now, Anshula is 28 we are matured adults. And we are finding it quite tough to merge just like that. And I also think imperfection is quite fascinating, because then you learn to coexist and you learn to respect the differences. In a way we are very similar too as we have our dad’s genes.”

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