EXCLUSIVE: Esha Gupta’s EXPLOSIVE tell-all: This director abused me on the sets; I almost walked out of the film

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Actor Esha Gupta is bold, sexy and beautiful. The actor is often seen leaving netizens sweating with the hot and sexy pictures that she keeps sharing on her Instagram account. She is the one who is unapologetic and often gives it back to them whenever she sees someone disrespecting her. Well, speaking about the same, in a recent exclusive chat with Bollywood Bubble, Esha Gupta was seen discussing the horrifying incidents that she experienced in the Bollywood industry. Right from working with an abusive director and walking out of the shoot to getting replaced in the film after she refused to sleep with him. Talking about the former incident, Esha revealed that she was once disrespected on the sets of the shoot, so much so that, she left the shoot until he apologised.

Recalling the incident, Esha told us, “There’s only been one person who I have felt was the worst of the experience was with one director who abused me on the set because there was an issue with his chief AD (Assistant Director). Whenever I’ve been late on the set, it is either, I mean there have been times where I have missed the alarm altogether a couple of times, or it is too much traffic and I didn’t calculate the time, but I’m never really late and once, there was some outfit issue. The miscommunication repeated between the AD team and the director team. They didn’t convey to each other because there was a white outfit with a big mark on it, so you cannot even in the close-up. And the moment I reach the set, I said, ‘I’m sorry’ and he said something in Hindi and I just looked at him, he said ‘you’re very late’, I was very calm even then because I’m generally very calm. I was like, ‘but I’m wasn’t late, I have been here before all of you, I was here before the Mehboob studio was open, like the time to shoot, I have been here before all the actors came.’ I said that outfit had an issue as the outfit was changed, so, I said ‘it’s not my fault’ and he abused me again. That’s it, that was enough for me.”


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The first time, I was all okay, I took it but the second time he said, from there, in the costume, I told him the same thing back what he told me. I said, ‘you know what, you’re this, don’t ever talk to me, don’t ever disrespect me you uneducated fool.’ I literally said and I walked out straight, I removed the rollers and I sat in the car, in the same dress and I went home. Then the EP of the film and producers had to call me, they were like ‘we would like to meet you and apologise. I was like, ‘no no, the person who said it has to apologise.’ He did after two days and then I went on the sets otherwise I wouldn’t have,” she continued.

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