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Neelima Azeem is extremely close to her family and believes in sharing a friendly bond with her kids rather than being authoritarian. In a candid chat on Bollywood Bubble’s Her Story, Neelima reminisces on her relationships, her family and how they shaped her life beautifully.

Neelima adores her sons, Shahid Kapoor and Ishaan Khatter equally. She also shares a great rapport with her daughter-in-law Mira Rajput. The veteran actress dotes on her grandkids- Misha and Zain Kapoor. And just like in every other household, there are times when she is accused by her family of loving Shahid and Misha more.


Sharing about how she cherishes her one-to-one equation with her sons, daughter-in-law and grandkids, Neelima said, “Sometimes the kids sit together and they say, ‘Ooh she loves Misha and Sasha (Shahid’s nickname) the most’. And I am just looking at them and I am thinking, ‘God I love Ishaan and Mira so much. What are they saying? And I love Zizi (Zain) and I adore him. Toh what are they saying? I mean it’s impossible for a mother or a grandmother to be able to say who she loves the most. Because I have my one to one relationship with all of them.”

“I seek out Shahid for this wonderful conversation on life we have. Then our sense of humour also tallies a lot. And he is cute, very kind and sensitive. I feel wonderful and safe around him. Then with Mira, I have all the understanding of what two women who are on the same page can have and who share the same life and the same people. And we are both cool. Then with Ishaan, I have this wonderful sense of companionship. We are similar in certain ways so we move in rhythm very well together. And I feel very comfortable with Ishaan. I can just tell him, ‘Ishaan mere liye yeh kardo yeh laado’. That comfort is there which is also there with Shahid. But as Ishaan is the younger one I have used to smacking him, ‘Chal Ishaan yeh karde’. But amidst them all, with all of them being so kind and caring and contributing to my life in some way or the other, I will say that Mira is a pal,” she added further.


Further revealing why she is closer to Mira, the veteran actress said, “I understand her because she is young. She has got kids at a very young age. She is extremely intelligent and individual. Yet she is so kind and giving. Mira is someone who doesn’t try to get attention or seek that highlight. She is just not a brat from any side. She is very well brought up. Another reason why I feel I understand her a lot is because I am very good friends with her mom and so with her father too. Her father and I get along very well. We have a similar sense of humour and a similar personality in certain ways. But it’s her mom with whom I am developing a deeper relationship.”

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